Do You Know How to Get Bail?

 The need to post bail isn’t something people have to deal with every day. That’s why we make the process easy at Angela Maxwell Bail Bonds. We handle Alameda County bail bonds for people that need help fast. In many cases, collateral isn’t required, and we provide payment plans for bail premiums . Also, we do all paperwork and payment by phone and email to make life easy. All of our bail bond agents are located near local jails, so your family member or loved can get out of jail as soon as possible. You can count on us to be the bail bond agency that offers affordable bail bond service that also has the ability to post bonds for cases out of state. Give our bail bonds office a call and we’ll handle everything for you. 


We Are the Bail Bondsman to Help You Get Back on Your Feet!


Being stuck in jail can be stressful and make you feel anxious. Let us handle the stress for you by helping you post bail. We understand that you may not know what to do, that’s why we are here to help you through the entire process. You can count on us to help you post bail for yourself, a loved one, or family member in their time of need.


We Provide the Following Bail Bonds Services For:

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