How do bail bonds work

How Bail Bonds Work

What is a bail bond, and explain how bail works?

Bail is a financial arrangement that a bail bonding agency will make on behalf of the criminal defendant. A bail bondsmen, acting for the defendant, will arrange with the court to have a suspect released from jail pending the trial in exchange for money or collateral, which may be cash, assets, or a bond.

What are my options if I am arrested in terms of getting out of jail? 

There are three options for release of a defendant: A. Surety Bond (a bail bond)You can use a bondsman to purchase a bond.  You will then pay a fee and may need to use some form of collateral. You can post cash for the full amount of the bond with the court or jail; C. Release On Own Recognizance (O.R.) A watch commander or a judge can decide to let the defendant go on their 'Own Recognizance' (O.R.)

 How Long Is The Bail Process? 

The paperwork takes approximately 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the complexity of the transaction. The release time can be one hour or less for local police stations and 6-12 hours in a county jail. Please remember that these times are not guaranteed, but general time frames.

 I got arrested out of state and I'm a California resident. Can you help me?


Yes! Please give me a call to discuss your case.

How Bail Bonds Work (cont)

Do you offer bail by phone?

Yes!!  Everything is done online. No need to leave home at all. 

Do I get my money back after the case is over?

Bail premium is non-refundable. The premium is fully earned once the defendant is released from custody. Furthermore, while out on a bail bond, if the defendant gets arrested for another charge, the premium is not refunded. 

What happens if the defendant fails to appear in court? 

Firstly, a bench warrant is issued for the persons arrest by the judge. The defendants name is then entered into a nationwide database (NCIC) as a fugitive. Also, the Bail Agency is informed of the defendants' non-appearance and obligated by law to arrest the individual.

What kind of payment methods do you accept, and do you offer payment plans?

We accept MasterCard, Visa,  Debit Cards, Zelle  and American Express . And yes, we do offer payment plans with low down payments! We offer affordable bail bonds for everyone.

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Also, here is a link to the CA Dept Of Insurance website, so you can verify the authenticity of the agent / agency license.$.startup